innovations in EdTech

Innovations in EdTech, GamaLearn Celebrating Achievements of 2023

As 2023 is coming to its end, GamaLearn takes a moment to reflect on an incredible journey marked by achievements, partnerships, and innovations in the EdTech industry. Let’s discover the key highlights that defined this year.

Compliances and Certifications

innovations in EdTech

GDPR Compliance: Ensuring privacy and data security remains a top priority, and we are proud to announce our full compliance with GDPR standards. GamaLearn has further invested in security and compliance, obtaining certifications for Information Security Systems ISO 27001 and Quality Management System ISO 9001. Our team is now ITIL certified, and GamaLearn has received approval for publishing on the Microsoft Teams Store, along with Microsoft Publisher attestation and Microsoft 365 App Compliance certification.

Showcase Schools Offers

GamaLearn, in Collaboration with Microsoft, offers a free pilot program for eligible Microsoft Showcase Schools, Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE), and Microsoft Leaders in Digital Transformation of Education (LDTE). Explore more about this initiative here.

Exclusive Offers on the Microsoft Marketplace

GamaLearn, as a Strategic Partner with Microsoft, announced the launch of New Plans and Offers Available exclusively in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace, showcasing our commitment to innovations in EdTech.

AI-Powered Features

Meet the cutting-edge AI Features in SwiftAssess, Powered by GPT-4 and Microsoft Azure Cloud! Our AI streamlines exam design simplifies question creation, and introduces a new feature to generate comprehensive question banks aligned with the curriculum, covering diverse subjects and languages.

Value-Based Bundles

Explore our newly created bundles, divided into Test Vouchers and User Licenses, designed to simplify your digital transformation with cutting-edge solutions.   

Explore these value-based bundles here.

We are pleased to provide insights into both current trends and relevant topics within the EdTech industry, delivering valuable information to shape your decision-making.

innovations in EdTech

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in Digital Assessments: Navigating the Financial Landscape.

Unlocking the ROI Potential: Delving into the Value of E-Assessments.

Securing Exam Integrity In The Face Of ChatGPT Cheating: 5 Valuable Insights.

Top Webinars

Join us for our top webinars, where we delve into the forefront of educational technology and explore cutting-edge Innovations in EdTech. These engaging sessions cover crucial topics in the field, offering valuable insights and strategies for educators, administrators, and anyone passionate about the future of learning.

  • How AI Can Deliver a Seamless and Secure Online Testing Experience – discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in online testing. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements and best practices in leveraging AI for online assessments. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of innovative testing technologies.
  • Digitizing SAT Prep Exams – the webinar explores the process of digitizing SAT prep exams, providing valuable insights into creating engaging and effective digital learning experiences. Learn about the tools and methodologies that can enhance SAT preparation, making it more accessible and efficient for students.

Latest Success Stories

Explore our meaningful partnerships and collaborations:


GamaLearn actively participated in key events:

  • Middle East EduDay.
  • AI Conference in Kenya and Morocco with Microsoft.
  • Shortlisted in GESS Awards.
  • Pitch Room event in partnership with Microsoft and Redington Middle East and Africa.
  • Digital Transformation Collaborative Session organized by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education in Egypt.

The GamaLearn team is committed to ongoing enhancements in assessment methods, staying ahead of innovations in EdTech to support personalized learning experiences and adapt to industry changes. We are proud of our assessment practices, which align seamlessly with current educational needs.

We extend gratitude to our esteemed clients and valued partners for contributing to GamaLearn’s success in 2023. We are excited about the upcoming year’s possibilities and look forward to continuing this journey together.

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