Redefining Assessment Security with AI Proctoring

Redefining Assessment Security with AI Proctoring

Advanced educational technology is becoming increasingly common in classrooms as the digital shift reimagines learning. Through blended, remote, or in-person methods, many educational institutions are switching their assessments to a digital platform. Opponents of digital assessment are often concerned with cheating, claiming that students may be searching for answers online or sorting through notes and textbooks during an exam. However, breakthrough technologies in AI proctoring ensure that institutions can have the flexibility and benefits of digital assessment without the risks of cheating or compromising exams. AI Proctoring is the future of assessment security, offering a secure, convenient, and reliable assessment solution. 

How Does AI Proctoring Work?

AI Proctoring is a feature built into certain assessment platforms that utilizes a plethora of anti-cheating features and technology to secure the assessment process. With AI proctoring, students can take exams in remote settings from any device while a proctor monitors them for the duration of the exam. Some of the security features standard with AI proctoring include:

Redefining Assessment Security with AI ProctoringRedefining Assessment Security with AI ProctoringRedefining Assessment Security with AI ProctoringRedefining Assessment Security with AI Proctoring

  1. Photo ID & Verification: This feature requires students to validate their identify with a photo ID card upon entering an exam session. Verifying the test taker’s identify eliminates the possibility of an alternate individual fraudulently taking the exam.
  2. Camera & Microphone Access: AI proctoring utilizes access to a device’s microphone and camera, ensuring that cheating will not take place. In a similar fashion to traditional proctoring, this enables AI software to keep an eye on students. It monitors their activity while flagging any suspicious behaviors. 
  3. Monitoring Throughout the Exam: AI proctoring ensures throughout the duration of the exam that the specified test taker competes the exam on their own. Through monitoring, AI software can detect and report all prohibited events.
  4. Video Recording and Forensic Report: Once the exam is completed, the system will generate reports and analytics for each AI proctored test. This feature provides detailed insight into what occurred during the exam and highlights any prohibited behaviors.

What are the Benefits of AI Proctoring?

While incredibly powerful and efficient, AI Proctoring is also surprisingly convenient. This modern take on assessment security eliminates the costs and errors associated with traditional proctoring while offering a flexible, adaptable, easy-to-implement alternative. Some of the benefits of AI proctoring include:

  • Scalability and Flexibility: AI proctoring software adapts to meet the needs of each institution and exam taker. It can be implemented on any public server, private server, dedicated server, or cloud. Additionally, multiple users can take assessments simultaneously under one server with no errors or interruption. This provides a flexible and seamless user experience.
  • Capturing Cheating Events: AI Proctoring offers a built-in activity transcript to both catch and document possible cheating events. Examples include capturing students as they leave their computer, invite a second person into frame, take their gaze off their device, change windows, share their screen, use speech capture, and much more! Traditional proctors only have one set of eyes, but AI proctoring software can effectively monitor an unlimited number of students simultaneously.
  • Powered by AI: AI proctoring software eliminates the need for human proctors. The technology is completely powered by AI, saving institutions monetary and physical resources while improving the efficiency of security.
  • Detailed Forensic Analysis: Once an exam is completed, the software documents and stores all details relating to the session. Instructors have complete access to detailed forensic reports post-exam. They can view all captured events, especially prohibited events, to provide documentation for instances of cheating. Unlike human proctors who rely on their own accounts, AI proctoring allows institutions to provide records and solid proof when taking action for cheating violations.
  • Extendible by Design: AI technology provides access to real-time video feeds and alerts to customized dashboards for decision-makers. With this feature, instructors can rely on the support of AI proctoring, but also check-in, monitor students, and act as needed.
  • Customized Actions: Instructors can configure multiple outcomes based on different events or behaviors that takes place during a session administration. This flexibility provides institutions with a custom software adapted to their unique needs. 
The Future of Assessment Security

AI proctoring is redefining the educational assessment sector. It provides all the benefits and more of traditional assessment security methods while lowering the cost, eliminating errors, and increasing the efficiency of anti-cheating measures. Top of the line AI proctoring software is a game-changer for any institution’s security protocols as it ensures authenticity and prevents cheating. 

If you are interested in what the SwiftAssess platform can do for your institution, please reach out to a team member here.

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