Bringing Revolution

How Assessment Tools for Teachers are Bringing Revolution?

The world has shifted from paper and pens to the digital world, and so has the teaching world. Even though in academics, the students are first trained to form the alphabet on notebooks, once they get to college, most tests and assignments are conducted through available assessment tools for teachers.

Since computer-based assessment tools have numerous benefits, exams have shifted their mode to computer-based exams.

Benefits of Computer-Based Test

Large-Scale test delivery- Online assessment tools are useful for large-scale examinations like competitive exams to fill positions in the private and public sectors. It does not take hours as the students can write their exams simultaneously from anywhere, and their results will be displayed instantly.

Immediate evaluation– In traditional methods, teachers or instructors manually evaluate the answer papers. However, with online assessment tools, the answers are fed into the system, and the automatic evaluation happens at the click of a button.

System of Grading- Since the results are generated quickly, the teachers get an idea about the areas where the students need help so that they can coach them accordingly.

Saves Time- With the help of assessment tools for teachers, the instructors need not assess each paper manually. They save a lot of time by taking extra sessions for the employees or students. Teachers refrain from distributing question papers and answer sheets prior to the examination and collect them once the exam is done. They also save time correcting the answer sheets, as the online exam platform can. The results are declared much faster, irrespective of the location of the student and the teacher.

Enhances security- Online assessment tools have evolved. As a result, multiple proctoring and security features are available to confirm that they are performed with full integrity.

Technological advancements- Businesses creating effective online exam systems are making the technology powerful to end the malpractices during the exams. Therefore, technological advancements make things seamless, and students take online exams from the selected exam centers.

Saves paper- Since no physical pen and paper are involved in an online exam, it saves tons of paper. Therefore, it is environment-friendly, and if every educational institute across the globe moves to the online mode of examination.

Saves money- With assessment tools for teachers, they don’t need to print the question papers and invest in answer sheets; the cost of online examinations is much cheaper. In addition, even the multiple-choice questions are evaluated by this assessment platforms. 

Enhanced safety and privacy- Most universities are moving towards the online mode of examination. They give different question papers to the students. Hence it reduces students’ chances to cheat as others have different question sets.

With the traditional mode of examination, students pass the answer to each other during examinations. However, that is impossible as online examinations are conducted on computers.

Why Choose GamaLearn for Safer Online Examination System?

Bringing Revolution

GamaLearn has provided online assessment tools for teachers in educational institutes for years. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the safety elements of an assessment tool are never compromised. We comprehend the criticality of evaluating a student who might have fooled the traditional assessment method; hence, we have high-end assessment platform to curb it.

We provide a highly reputed service to perform skills testing in any organization. Our end-to-end comprehensive assessment systems are both for the organization and to create students’ skill matrices. 

GamaLearn has various skills tests and e-learning content development like domain, behavioral, workforce development, recruitment, communication, and cognitive assessment.

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