Everything You Need to Know about Assessment Platform for K-12 Digital Exams

Everything You Need to Know About Assessment Platform for K-12 Digital Exams

Whether out of preference or necessity, digital assessment and examination platforms are gaining wide popularity in K-12 and higher education settings. More specifically, digital assessment platform comes into the spotlight when instructors are left only with the option of teaching and testing their students remotely. In addition, digital assessment platforms help garner valuable insights to learning outcomes, including the students’ understanding, retaining, and applying new information through new courses, and more. GamaLearn is a leading platform that provides incredible solutions for conducting and grading digital exams for K-12 in a secured and efficient manner. In addition, it makes exam creation, management, and data analysis hassle-free than ever, so teachers can work smarter and students can achieve fair, unbiased results. 

Valuable insights to conducting and managing Digital Exams for K-12 for improved efficiency

  • Administer exams through secure browsers that do not require an internet connection during the session
  • View individual students or entire class performance at the same level
  • Create exclusive questions of different types for better analysis
  • Generate automated performance reports immediately after the exam for students, teachers, and parents
  • Eliminate the need for marking and grading every student individually
  • Connect exam questions to particular learning objectives and customize end-of-exam reports
  • View and validate the success of each exam question to understand if learning objectives are being met

Understand how a digital exam platform ideally works with the digitalization of every single step:

From creation to evaluation, every step is digitized when it comes to conducting digital exams for K-12 using a digital platform:

Creation of exams

Administrative bodies can create online exams, both creative and interactive, by including subjective and objective question types. Faculty can gather the choice of questions from either an existing question bank or from newly created libraries.

Conducting the exams

Digital exams eliminate the need to set up test centers and involve huge faculty for each test center. Institutions can systematically conduct large-scale examinations online and offline through secure browsers. 

Proctoring of exams

A reliable and effective digital assessment platform comes integrated with an online proctoring system that ensures the integrity and credibility of the exams. Furthermore, it supports a cheat-proof examination environment at multiple levels by preventing various actions like opening other tabs, attaching any hardware, and more.

Evaluation of exams

Digital examination solutions ensure an accurate and comprehensive report system instantly. Teachers don’t have to evaluate and grade each student individually, as the digital platform allows on-screen evaluations to be immediately evaluated by faculty. 

Key considerations for selecting the right assessment platform

  • Define your objectives
  • Involve stakeholders
  • Identify existing roadblocks
  • Understand user needs
  • Prioritize software training

Adopt GamaLearn as a revolutionary platform for digital exams 

There are several ways to evaluate students that help them gear up for success. Teachers can use different ways and online exams assessment platforms to gather information about their performance and learning experience. GamaLearn delivers incredible solutions to create interactive assessments and deliver unbiased reports. 

Gamalearn’s higher education assessment tools provide:

  • Seamless integration with other tools
  • Distance learning and assessment capabilities
  • Content collaboration assistance
  • Minimized administrative work

The availability of the digital assessment platform for digital exams for K-12 saves time and money while eliminating the need to write on paper and create results manually. Teachers and students benefit from the easy creation of assessments, instant reports, a transparent exam environment, fair results, and more. Roll out to digital assessment platform for incredible solutions.

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