Top Considerations when Choosing an Online Assessment Platform

Top Considerations when Choosing an Online Assessment Platform

Many educational and professional institutions have converted their evaluation methods from traditional exams to innovative online assessments. This digital shift is due to the benefits digital assessment platforms offer. Digital assessment platforms have become an important part of organizations, playing an integral role in monitoring internal skills and knowledge. However, not every platform is equipped with the same advanced features, accessibility, support, and efficiency. 

Choosing the right digital assessment platform is a very important decision that should not be done without proper research. For the switch to yield the best results, organizations should choose to invest in a high-quality, effective, and easy-to-use assessment software that has a record of proven success. Here are the top factors to consider when researching what digital assessment platform is best for your organization.

Factors to consider while Choosing the Online Assessment Platform

  • Scalability: The top consideration when choosing an online assessment platform should be scalability. How can this platform be implemented in my institution? Can it deliver the number of desired assessments required all in the same place and at the same time? Is the system reliable on any server? Does the platform cover all required assessment needs such as administering assessments, providing security, monitoring progress, and providing feedback? A high quality, comprehensive assessment platform can and will deliver on all your needs. Therefore, considering the scalability to ensure the platform meets your needs is a crucial step when considering options.
  • Ease of Use: Top of the line digital assessment platforms such as SwiftAssess are intuitive, straightforward, and easy to navigate and use. It is important to consider the usability of an assessment platform before deciding to invest in it. Consider reaching out to companies to request a demo session or product trial to get a feel for the product. If a platform is overly complicated and difficult to use, it should be taken out of the running.
  • Assessment Analytics: One of the most critical features of digital assessment platforms is the ability to effectively sort and display data from assessments. It’s not just about administering a test, but rather diving into the results and using the information effectively to drive change within your organization. Each platform will differ in the way it analyzes assessment data. It is best to choose a platform that displays data in a user-friendly manor while also providing a surplus of options for grouping, filtering, and displaying information.
  • Support System: Transitioning to digital assessment software can come with a learning curve. It’s very important to consider the extent of technical support offered by a company. Excellent support teams can help customers navigate software, overcome technical difficulties, and make the most of the assessment experience. A few questions to ask about a platform’s support level are:
    • When can I access the support team?
    • How can I access the support team?
    • How quickly does the support team respond?
    • What types of problems can the support team solve?
  • User Feedback: Choosing a top tier assessment platform does not have to be a guessing game. In the digital age, consumers have access to reviews, case studies, success stories, and sometimes even research regarding products. Customers should consider the overall reviews and brand image of a product before investing in it. If the product has a proven track record of success with clients, chances are your experience will be equally as beneficial.

The Perfect Platform for You

Investing in a new digital assessment platform is a huge and complex decision. However, if consumers consider these important factors, they can feel confident that they will find the perfect digital assessment platform for their institution.

If you are looking to kickstart your, SwiftAssess is a great place to start. The comprehensive online assessment platform is extremely easy to use while also being powerful, efficient, and effective. To learn more about SwiftAssess, please reach out to a team member here.

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