SwiftAssess Grading Solutions for Educational Institutions

SwiftAssess Grading Solutions for Educational Institutions

Educators are currently balancing more than ever, often struggling to meet their job’s many demands within the workday. Luckily, educational technology products can offer relief to educators with automated, time-saving functions. One example is  SwiftAssess GradeMate: a platform that provides innovative grading solutions to speed up the grading process without sacrificing the quality of data analysis or student feedback. Not only does GradeMate save educators time, but it also unlocks a new world of grading and data sorting features that promote informed instructional delivery.

What are the Benefits of GradeMate by SwiftAssess?

  • Discreet Marking: With GradeMate, educators can mark-up exams and assignments in any given way with the option to have certain comments hidden from students. Educators have the option to share minimal information with students or provide students with access to all their comments and markings. In this way, GradeMate doubles as an observational journal for educators to track their comments on students.
  • Custom Grading Distribution: GradeMate saves educators time by automating the grading process. Educators can opt for mass-grading, setting parameters for responses, threshold values, cut-off scores, and performance trackers. Additionally, educators can opt for manual grading as well, giving educators total control over the grading process.
  • Regrading Made Simple: If there are any errors or mistakes on an exam that need to be revisited, regrading is made simple on GradeMate. Educators have the option to retroactively edit exam questions and correct responses. Once changes are made, all student exams will be updated to reflect accurate values. This is a huge time-saving feature for educators.
  • Managing Rubrics: Educators can create and manage custom rubrics for assignments, projects, and assessments. This allows educators to get creative and test higher-order thinking skills with open-ended questions and rubric-based evaluations.
  • Category Tagging: SwiftAssess allows educators to grade assignments and questions by category. This helps educators evaluate certain competencies or standards separately and makes it easy for educators to make informed instructional decisions.
  • Offline Grading: Educators can download responses and add comments to assignments without having access to the internet. This makes grading a convenient, portable, accessible task.

What Features does GradeMate by SwiftAssess Offer?

GradeMate by SwiftAssess offers an innovative approach to grading, equipped with cutting-edge features that will improve any pedagogy. These time saving, quality improving features include:

  • Filtering Responses: Search and filter responses based on preferred grading criteria.
  • Bulk Grading: Save time and effort by grading multiple examinees at once.
  • Plagiarism Check: Perform a quick and easy plagiarism check to prevent cheating on assignments.
  • Semi-Automated (AI) Grading: Use Artificial Intelligence to Semi-Automate manual grading for handwritten and spoken responses.
  • Grading a Variety of Assignments: Grade a variety of assignments such as essays, audio recording, exams, and rubric-based projects all in one place.
  • Anonymous Grading: Grade the responses of your students without knowing the identity of the examinee to enable transparency in your grading scheme.
  • Annotation: Make notes, comments, and annotations on student’s responses and highlight specific words or sentences to clarify your grade.

Grading Made Easy

Digital grading platforms transform grading into a 21st century task while saving educators valuable time. The benefits offered make grading easy while the innovative features improve the overall grading experience. Implementing a high-quality grading platform like GradeMate by SwiftAssess will change the way educators view grading and feedback. 

If you would like to implement SwiftAssess technology at your institution, please reach out to a team member here.

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